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Texas Governor Encourages President To Replicate the State’s Energy Approach Nationwide

pipeline Governor of Texas, Rick Perry sent a fiery letter to President Obama attacking the president’s policies, and lack of action particularly on energy issues. The letter was sent on Friday May 16 and made public on Monday, May 19. In his letter, Governor Perry criticized the president’s failure to grant approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline, as well as his current approach towards energy. He added that President Obama’s stance on energy is suffocating the industry and encouraged him to replicate Texas’ energy approach on a nationwide scale.
Perry also hurled a string of criticisms in his letter regarding the regulations implemented by the Environmental Planning Agency (EPA). The EPA has implemented new rules relative to coal fired plants which Texas has since challenged. One of the rules is that states will be held accountable for pollution that drifted into other states. Despite the challenges to the new rules, they were upheld by both the Supreme Court and the federal appeals court.

Canada’s Oil Industry : In Danger

The oil industry in Canada has seen a more than ninety percent drop foreign investment  from last year. While those within the industry have tried their hardest to change things for the better, they simply do not have the resources.

Foreign investment is so vital to Canada’s oil industry that those within the country risk losing a large amount of their capital. Foreign investment accounts for roughly twenty five percent of the funds put into Canada’s green projects. In order to help stop the bleeding from the oil industry, Canada has been seeking assistance from the Chinese, the world’s second largest supporter of green industries. Only time will tell if Canada’s oil industry can recover from the crippling loss of its main investors. With China’s help and the support of the government though, anything is possible.




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