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Eagle Ford Shale Gets A Boost

Eagle Ford ShaleEnergy reforms in Mexico have allowed for Texas companies to begin investment in the Eagle Ford Shale zone which runs along the Texas-Mexico border. With new investments in the area, the Eagle Ford Shale play could see up to $1.2 trillion in investments.

Now that the Mexican government has opened up the oil and gas industry to private investment, ventures will able to take hold on both sides of the border. The Mexican government does not have the money or the resources to tap into the shale deposits that is has on its own soil. However, it believes that it can partner with big money and get into those deposits.

This change means that millions of jobs and billions of dollars will be created through the exploration of the shale zone along the border. Texas companies will win the biggest, but the entire state will be able to tap into greater energy resources as a result of this change in Mexican policy.

Energy Reform in Mexico

Mexico’s new president has been radically changing the state of the country. With massive improvement on the country’s education system and a more precise, stronger effort to help maintain Mexico’s infamous drug industry. One of Mexico’s largest problems was that it was not allowing foreign investment into its oil industry, or allowing the oil’s exportation.

Mexico has massive untapped oil reserves just waiting to be used within the Gulf of Mexico. Until today, Pemex, the leading company responsible for Mexico’s internal oil production, did not have the resources to tap those reserves remaining in the Gulf. With the new president’s actions taking effect, he will have to continue to map out the new international oil trade in Mexico. Both the public and the critics support his actions and he has already proven competent in other areas of his office.

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